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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative and analytical field that integrates art, technology and strategic thinking to create and communicate ideas and information to known audiences. The field is an exciting one in that it is ever-changing, responding to the times, culture, global influences and technological innovations. It is a field where critical thinking, problem seeking and creative problem-solving leading to an aesthetically appropriate solution are integral to all design activities.


It is the Graphic Designer’s role to understand, create and disseminate information using the most appropriate media to reach an audience.


The practice of graphic design is evidenced everywhere we look, in everything we read and purchase. Designers seek to understand the communication problem and build a process that will explore options for the design of the communication. They manage, structure and embed information in the most engaging manner while delivering the appropriate information to elicit a desired response.


Effective graphic designers are excellent critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. They work with numerous mediums and with typography, color, image and form. They can work from the abstract to the literal, simple to complex, with a systems approach or focus on a singular piece. Designers work collaboratively or individually. All in all, the designer is flexible and creative.


The Graphic Design program at VCUQatar positions students to take advantage of many career opportunities through its emphasis on creative and intellectual thinking, awareness of social and cultural issues, integration of new technology and concern for ethics and the environment.


The accredited, four-year BFA degree program in graphic design educates students to be innovative leaders in the areas of print and digital media. The dedicated, well-qualified faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, small classes and strong community environment prepare students to be excellent innovators.


Graphic design is an ever-changing profession that responds to global influences and technical innovations. Students learn to design in the context of the Gulf region while being exposed to the wider world through participation in exchange and internship programs, study abroad, international competitions and the VCUQatar biennial international design conference, Tasmeem. Within the educational framework of an American university, the graphic design curriculum embraces a commitment to working with, and advocating for Qatar, the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East in a diversity of contexts.


VCUQatar alumni are well-rounded, successful individuals prepared for engagement with a complex world.

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