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Just as Qatar Foundation enriches the lives of students during their stay at Education City, it also assists them in preparing for life afterwards. The majority of students wish to gain meaningful employment after graduation.


"One way in which students can prepare for the world of employment is through Qatar Foundation's Work-Study Program on campus Student Employment Program. It offers students an opportunity to contribute to the work of a dynamic institution and to earn money while doing so". 


Qatar Foundation works with its branch campuses to help students secure full-time employment or internships through the following means:

  • By establishing relationships between Qatar Foundation and the business and industrial sectors in Qatar.
  • By maintaining an updated listing of employment and internship opportunities.
  • By conducting employment workshops to provide advice and practice in preparing resumes, interviewing etc.
  • By creating and maintaining a resource center in collaboration with the branch campuses.
  • By planning in coordination with the branch campuses career development activities, such as employer visits to Education City and career and job fairs.

This web page will be developed to deliver more information and services to students.


Student employees are an important part of Education City's work force, and the experience gained can be a gateway to a lifetime of achievement and self-fulfillment.


Fresh graduates should be able to seek references for prospective employers from their supervisors during their work-study experience. It is therefore to the students' long-term advantage to use the opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of being conscientious and dependable employees.


There are more than 200 student employees at Education City, and they play a significant role in the day-to-day functioning of Qatar Foundation and its partners. They perform a wide range of duties, from general office assistance to functions requiring specialized knowledge in such areas as computer programming.


Wages range from 20-40QR per hour, depending on the kind of work.

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