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Student organizations are at the heart of any healthy college or university community. Not only do they provide an opportunity to build relationships with fellow students in a co-curricular setting, but they also help develop leadership skills valued by potential employers.

While university partners seek to develop and support student organizations comprised of their respective students, the HBKU Student Center encourages and supports the development of student organizations across traditional institutional boundaries. These organizations contain members from various campuses and seek to unite the entire HBKU community through ongoing activities and events. Similar to student organizations, we offer students opportunities to form smaller student committees focused on individual events or programs open to the entire student population.

HBKU student organizations fall under seven primary categories; academic, programming, governance, community service, cultural, recreation, and special interest.


Take a look at the current listing of HBKU student organizations & committees and consider joining one or starting your very own!

Leadership Takeaway 

Is your student organization struggling to recruit new members?

Is attendance and participation at meetings or events low?

Does the group lack a clear direction or focus?

Don't worry, these are common challenges facing all student organizations at one point or another. The good news is that we can help! Simply email your Student Center Liaison to set up a consultation at your convenience. We can help you identify the root causes of the organization's struggles as well as explore potential solutions. Help could come in the form of simple advice, an exercise to try with the group, or a training session from a staff member - you decide!

To schedule a training, please contact Hessa Al-Mohannadi (

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