What Can You Put on a Dog Lick Mat?

Dog lick mats have gained popularity as a stimulating and interactive way to engage our furry friends during mealtime or treat time. These mats are designed to provide mental stimulation, relieve anxiety, and promote calm behavior in dogs. But what exactly can you put on a dog lick mat? Let’s explore some options to keep your dog entertained and satisfied.

1. Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is a classic favorite among dogs. Its sticky texture keeps the dog engaged while providing a tasty treat.

2. Yogurt: Plain, unsweetened yogurt is a healthy choice for dogs. It’s packed with probiotics that promote digestive health and can be spread on the mat for added enjoyment.

3. Baby Food: Choose baby food varieties that don’t contain any harmful ingredients for dogs, such as onions or garlic. These can be spread on the mat for a diverse flavor experience.

4. Wet Dog Food: Mixing wet dog food with water to create a paste-like consistency can be an excellent option for a lick mat. It adds a different texture and flavor to the mix.

5. Pumpkin Puree: Pumpkin is not only delicious but also beneficial for dogs’ digestive health. Spread a thin layer of pumpkin puree on the mat for a tasty and healthy treat.

6. Mashed Banana: Bananas are a great source of potassium and fiber for dogs. Mashing a ripe banana and spreading it on the mat will surely be a hit.

7. Applesauce: Unsweetened applesauce can be a refreshing and tasty option for a dog lick mat. Ensure it doesn’t contain any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

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8. Cottage Cheese: Dogs can enjoy a dollop of cottage cheese on their lick mats. It adds protein, calcium, and a creamy texture to keep them engaged.

9. Dog-Friendly Broth: Freeze low-sodium, dog-friendly broth in the mat for a longer-lasting treat. It provides hydration and adds flavor to their mealtime.

10. Sweet Potato Puree: Cooked and mashed sweet potatoes can be a nutritious and delicious addition to a dog lick mat. It’s packed with vitamins and fiber.

11. Dog-Safe Fruit Purees: Purees made from dog-friendly fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or watermelon can be a sweet and healthy treat for your pup.

Now that we have explored various options for what you can put on a dog lick mat, let’s address some frequently asked questions about these mats:


1. Are dog lick mats safe?
Yes, dog lick mats are generally safe as long as you supervise your dog while they use it.

2. Can I use human-grade ingredients on a lick mat?
Yes, many human-grade ingredients are safe for dogs. However, avoid using anything toxic to dogs, such as chocolate or xylitol.

3. How often should I clean the lick mat?
It’s best to clean the lick mat after every use to prevent bacterial growth. Most lick mats are dishwasher safe or can be easily hand washed.

4. Can I freeze the lick mat with the spread on it?
Yes, freezing the lick mat with the spread on it can prolong the licking time and provide additional entertainment for your dog.

5. Can I use a lick mat for a teething puppy?
Lick mats can be soothing for teething puppies. However, ensure that the spreadable treats you use are appropriate for puppies and won’t pose a choking hazard.

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6. Can I use a lick mat for a dog on a special diet?
Yes, lick mats can be used for dogs on special diets. Choose ingredients that align with your dog’s dietary requirements and restrictions.

7. Can my dog use a lick mat unsupervised?
It’s always best to supervise your dog while they use a lick mat to prevent any potential accidents or ingestion of non-edible parts.

8. Will a lick mat help with my dog’s anxiety?
Lick mats can help dogs with anxiety by providing a calming activity and redirecting their focus. However, it’s not a substitute for professional help if their anxiety is severe.

9. Can I use a lick mat for dry kibble?
While lick mats are primarily designed for spreadable treats, you can sprinkle some dry kibble on top of a spread to make it more interesting for your dog.

10. Can I use a lick mat for cats?
Lick mats can also be used for cats, especially to slow down their eating or provide mental stimulation. However, ensure the ingredients are cat-safe.

11. Can I make my own lick mat at home?
Yes, you can make a DIY lick mat at home using food-safe silicone molds or even a muffin tin. Pour the spreadable ingredients into the molds and freeze them for a homemade lick mat experience.

Remember, always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or ingredients to your dog’s diet, especially if they have any specific health concerns or dietary restrictions. Enjoy exploring the various options for your dog lick mat and have fun watching your pup engage in this stimulating activity!

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