What Is the Name of Sailor Jack’s Dog on the Cracker Jack Box?

Cracker Jack is a beloved American snack that has been enjoyed for over a century. Besides its delicious caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts, one of the most recognizable features of Cracker Jack is its iconic logo, featuring two characters: Sailor Jack and his faithful dog. While Sailor Jack is a well-known figure, many people may wonder about the name of his loyal companion. So, what is the name of Sailor Jack’s dog on the Cracker Jack box? Let’s find out.

The name of Sailor Jack’s dog on the Cracker Jack box is “Bingo.” This adorable pup has been a part of the Cracker Jack brand since its early days and is often depicted sitting obediently beside Sailor Jack. The duo represents the spirit of adventure and camaraderie, embodying the joy and excitement that comes with opening a box of Cracker Jack.


1. Who created the Cracker Jack logo with Sailor Jack and his dog?
The Cracker Jack logo, featuring Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo, was created by Frederick Rueckheim in the early 1900s.

2. When was the first Cracker Jack box featuring Sailor Jack and Bingo introduced?
The first Cracker Jack box featuring Sailor Jack and Bingo was introduced in 1918.

3. Why did they choose the name Bingo for Sailor Jack’s dog?
The name Bingo was chosen for Sailor Jack’s dog because it was a popular name for dogs during that time.

4. Is Bingo a specific breed of dog?
No, Bingo is not a specific breed of dog. He is a generic representation of a loyal and faithful companion.

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5. Has the Cracker Jack logo with Sailor Jack and Bingo changed over the years?
The Cracker Jack logo has undergone some minor changes over the years, but Sailor Jack and Bingo have remained as the central characters.

6. Are there any other characters associated with Cracker Jack?
While Sailor Jack and Bingo are the most recognizable characters, Cracker Jack has also featured additional characters in their advertising campaigns over the years.

7. What is the significance of Sailor Jack and Bingo?
Sailor Jack and Bingo represent the spirit of adventure, friendship, and the joy of discovering surprises, which aligns with the experience of opening a box of Cracker Jack.

8. Is Sailor Jack based on a real person?
Sailor Jack is not based on a specific real person. He is a fictional character created to personify the adventurous spirit of the brand.

9. Is Cracker Jack still available today?
Yes, Cracker Jack is still available today and continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

10. Can I collect Cracker Jack memorabilia featuring Sailor Jack and Bingo?
Yes, there is a market for Cracker Jack memorabilia, including items featuring Sailor Jack and Bingo.

11. Are there any Cracker Jack promotions or giveaways related to Sailor Jack and Bingo?
Cracker Jack occasionally runs promotions or giveaways that feature Sailor Jack and Bingo, adding to the nostalgia and charm associated with the brand.

Cracker Jack’s Sailor Jack and his faithful dog Bingo have become cultural icons, symbolizing the joy of opening a box of this classic American snack. Their presence on the Cracker Jack logo has remained consistent over the years, captivating generations of snack enthusiasts. So, the next time you enjoy a box of Cracker Jack, take a moment to appreciate the enduring companionship of Sailor Jack and his loyal dog, Bingo.

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