Why Does My Dog Love Blankets?

If you have a furry friend at home, you may have noticed their deep affection for blankets. Dogs seem to have an innate attraction to these cozy coverings, and they often go to great lengths to snuggle up with them. But have you ever wondered why your canine companion has such a strong affinity for blankets? Let’s delve into this canine behavior and explore the reasons behind it.

1. Comfort and Security: Dogs are den animals by nature, and blankets provide a sense of security and comfort. The soft texture of a blanket can mimic the feeling of being nestled in a den or burrow, creating a safe and cozy environment for your pup.

2. Warmth: Just like humans, dogs seek warmth when they feel cold. Blankets offer insulation, trapping their body heat and providing them with a warm and snug place to rest.

3. Scent Familiarity: Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, and they often find comfort in familiar scents. Blankets absorb their scent over time, creating a familiar and reassuring odor that can help reduce anxiety.

4. Nesting Instincts: It’s common for dogs to engage in nesting behaviors, especially when they are preparing to relax or sleep. By scratching and pawing at blankets, dogs are instinctively creating a comfortable nest-like space.

5. Anxiety Relief: Dogs can experience anxiety in various situations, such as during thunderstorms or when left alone. Blankets can offer a sense of security and act as a soothing tool, helping to calm their nerves during stressful times.

6. Separation Anxiety: Dogs with separation anxiety often seek comfort in objects that carry their owner’s scent. A blanket that smells like their beloved human can provide solace and alleviate their distress when left alone.

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7. Burrowing Instincts: Some dog breeds, such as terriers and dachshunds, have a natural instinct to burrow. Blankets allow them to indulge in this behavior, satisfying their innate desires and providing a sense of fulfillment.

8. Cozy Bedding Alternative: A blanket can serve as a makeshift bed for your dog. It gives them a familiar and comfortable sleeping surface when they prefer not to use their regular dog bed or when they need an additional layer of comfort.

9. Protection from Hard Surfaces: Dogs who spend a lot of time on hard floors or outdoor surfaces may seek the softness of a blanket to cushion their body. It helps to alleviate pressure points and provides a more comfortable resting spot.

10. Breed Predisposition: Some dog breeds are more likely to enjoy blankets due to their genetic makeup. Breeds like Chihuahuas, Italian Greyhounds, and Whippets have a thinner coat and may have a greater need for warmth and comfort.

11. Learned Behavior: Lastly, dogs are observant creatures and often learn behaviors from their owners. If you frequently use blankets and show affection towards them, your dog may have picked up on this and developed their own fascination with blankets.


1. Should I let my dog sleep with a blanket?
It is generally safe for dogs to sleep with blankets, as long as the bedding is not too small or restrictive. Avoid using blankets with loose threads or fringes that could be swallowed.

2. Can my dog suffocate under a blanket?
While it is unlikely for a healthy dog to suffocate under a blanket, it’s essential to provide proper ventilation. Make sure your dog can easily move their head and that the blanket is not too heavy or tightly wrapped around them.

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3. How can I help my dog feel more comfortable with blankets?
Introduce blankets early in your dog’s life and associate them with positive experiences. Gradually increase exposure to blankets and reward your dog for calm behavior around them.

4. My dog chews on blankets. What should I do?
Chewing on blankets can be a sign of boredom or anxiety. Provide your dog with appropriate chew toys and consider consulting a professional trainer or behaviorist if the behavior persists.

5. Why does my dog try to bury their toys or bones under a blanket?
Burying toys or bones under a blanket is a natural behavior that stems from a dog’s instinct to protect and hide their resources. It’s an ancient survival tactic when food was scarce, and the blanket acts as a substitute for soil.

6. Can I wash my dog’s blanket with mine?
Yes, you can wash your dog’s blanket with your laundry, as long as it is not heavily soiled or covered in dog hair. Use a pet-safe detergent and avoid using fabric softeners or strong fragrances that could irritate your dog’s skin.

7. Should I leave a blanket in my dog’s crate?
Leaving a blanket in your dog’s crate can provide them with comfort and make the space feel more inviting. However, monitor your dog’s behavior to ensure they are not chewing or ingesting the blanket.

8. Can a blanket help with my dog’s anxiety?
Blankets can provide a sense of security and comfort, which may help alleviate mild anxiety in dogs. However, severe anxiety should be addressed by a veterinarian or professional trainer, who may recommend additional interventions.

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9. Why does my dog steal my blanket?
Dogs may steal blankets for various reasons, such as seeking warmth or attention. Ensure your dog has their own blanket and redirect their behavior to their designated bedding.

10. Is it normal for my dog to suck on a blanket?
Sucking on blankets is a common behavior in puppies, as it mimics nursing from their mother. For adult dogs, it could be a sign of comfort-seeking or anxiety. Provide appropriate chew toys and consult a professional if the behavior persists.

11. Can a blanket help with my dog’s joint pain?
Blankets can provide additional padding and insulation on hard surfaces, which may help alleviate joint pain. However, consult with your veterinarian for a comprehensive approach to managing your dog’s joint issues.

In conclusion, a dog’s love for blankets can be attributed to their natural instincts, desire for comfort, warmth, and security. By understanding the reasons behind this behavior, you can provide your furry friend with the cozy environment they crave while ensuring their safety and well-being.